ABC7-WLS to Host AAJA-Chicago’s Linda Yu Broadcast Internship for Summer 2015


ABC7-WLS will be the host of AAJA-Chicago’s broadcast internship for summer 2015.

The application for the Linda Yu Broadcast Scholarship, in honor of the chapter’s founder and ABC7’s veteran newscaster, is now available. The deadline to apply is Dec. 15.

The 10 to 12 week internship comes with a $2,500 stipend awarded by AAJA-Chicago in honor of Linda Yu for her dedication in giving a voice to Asian Americans.

The intern may be placed in the following departments at ABC7:

NEWS – Planning department is responsible for collecting, researching and developing future news stories for the ABC7 news department. The planning editor and planning department researcher create a daily sheet, which list possible story ideas. This list is then used the following day in the morning editorial meeting to decide which news stories will be covered. The planning department is also responsible for planning long-term stories, such as elections and political conventions. The  intern will assist the planning editor and researcher by answering phone tip lines, collecting and organizing possible future news stories. The intern is responsible for collecting and sorting incoming faxes and mail. The intern is also encouraged to contribute potential story ideas and attend the morning editorial meeting when possible. The intern’s duties will also include conducting phone pre-interviews on potential interview subjects to determine the news worthiness of any given story.

NEWS WEB SITE – Web Site Department oversees the content and development of the Internet and new media properties of WLS-TV.  Online operations include, as well as several “in production” projects. Web Site interns are expected to be familiar with the internet and journalism. They must have a solid understanding of what the Internet is and how to utilize it to its fullest capacity. Web Site interns are creative, curious, and most importantly, ready to learn new skills and use them. Responsibilities for Web Site Interns include, but are by no means limited to: Updating and Developing Web site content. Researching Internet-related stories, sites, and systems. Formatting documents and images. Working the other departments in the station on web-related projects. The Web Site is a team environment, so all applicants must be willing to work with many people and departments within the station. This internship is extremely “hands-on,” reaching and working with almost every department and level in a television station. Through this, you will learn about and gain experience that involves the Internet, journalism, marketing, sales, and promotion.

CONSUMER REPORT – The Consumer Investigative Intern is responsible for assisting the reporter in vetting story ideas, tracking down interview subjects and performing online research, which will be included in on-air investigations.  Responsibilities would also include checking the consumer hotline, calling back some of the viewers and taking notes on their potential stories. In addition to office work, the intern will have the chance to be a part of investigative shoots with the reporter and the crew. If interested, there will be opportunities to shoot stand ups.

SPORTS DEPT. – The Sports intern is responsible for logging and watching sports events during the day. The intern is also expected to suggest the best highlights for the day’s newscast. They are also asked to run scripts for the news show and carry tapes and graphics in the newsroom.  When possible the intern is sent out into the field during sporting events to see how the reporter reacts in the field. And from time to time the intern will do interviews.

PROGRAMMING PRODUCTION – Interns will work closely with various producers who are responsible for a wide variety of productions and programs scheduled to air on WLS-TV during their time of assignment. Interns can be directly involved in research, planning, shooting, screening and/or editing of videotape. This is “field” and office experience. In both cases, interns act as production assistants to the producers. Interns with strong writing skills will be part of social media. The work is creative, deadline demanding and provides an understanding of the work that goes on behind the scenes of  studio-based, live event and field produced programs.

SHOWS – Ñ Beat, Heart & Soul, Windy City LIVE, Parades, Special Programming [190north, Air & Water Show, Lights Festival]

Eligibility & Details
-Junior, senior, or 2014 graduate student
-AAJA Student Member. Membership is open to all students.
-No prior experience is required
-­10-12 week internship
-$2,500 AAJA stipend
-Part time. Three days a week.
-No benefits


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